BankLink is a company that has been providing services to accounting practices for over 20 years to help businesses save time and money.

BankLink works by collecting an electronic copy of your monthly bank statement data directly from your financial institution (once you have given permission), and delivering it to our office. When the data is received, we use the BankLink system operating at our office to process as many of the transactions as we can in order to save you time. For those transactions where additional information is required, we will request this from you in a number of ways:

  • by posting or faxing you a BankLink Coding Report to complete or return, or:
  • by emailing you a BankLink Notes data file to complete and email back, or:
  • by sending you a Banklink Books data file for you to code and complete yourself

Regardless of which method we use to gather the information, you will be delighted at just how quick and easy it is with BankLink - in fact many small businesses who used to spend hours doing their accounts each month now take just minutes to provide us with all the information we need to complete their bookwork.

See for yourself how Banklink can work for you by clicking here.

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